In a world of catch phrases and repeated quotes, I have always come across T-shirt’s, mugs and other merchandise that said P.U.S.H. and the Push stood for “Pray Until Something Happens”. As a child, I knew what praying was, but the only issue that I can look back on was the simple fact that I had no intentionality when I prayed. It was just something I watched my Mother do, so I decided to follow her footsteps.

My Mom was a redeemed Christian woman who had overcome many bad habits she picked up in her teen years. She was very involved in church and taught me and my siblings the importance of prayer. It wasn’t until I was about 13 years old that I realized what the premise of this praying thing was. My mom’s friend who I’d become very connected to, passed away and this idea of someone dying really did me in. A trance of misunderstanding because at this point in my life I thought when we prayed God always granted our wishes. So If God answered prayers then why did he let Alberta die? This was exactly what I asked my mother and it was then that she gave the rundown on prayer. She told me that we can pray different type of prayers, a prayer of healing, a prayer of thankfulness, a prayer restoration etc, but she said that we should be mindful of “God’s will.”

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For His Glory, I Will Do Anything

As worship ministers and leaders we all have those in ministry we admire and learn from. One of my favorite mainstream worship leaders is Tasha Cobbs Leonard. I admire her because of her heart for God. You can see the love of God through her presentation. Her songs emphasize the idea of longing to be in God’s presence. I think about Ross’ sermon on Sunday March 11, 2018 and him saying that if we don’t acknowledge the miracles that God has performed in our lives, no matter how big or how small they are, then it becomes just about us and things we’ve done. This kind of idea completely takes away the Glory from God and places a spotlight on us. I believe that everything is God and God is everything. From the trees to the way the wind blows is all God, from the colors in the forest and its beauty, He is everywhere and without him we are nothing. So because he is the exact creator of our existence, why not give him all of the Glory?

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Too Much to Handel! Our Messiah! The Gift!

One of my most favorite composers is Handel. One reason is his fearless contribution to music and another is his knowledge of the Bible. From his development of the English Oratorio in which “Messiah” came about this Oratorio really makes you think about the wonderful gift of our Messiah. It’s almost too much to Handel not “Handle”, but Handel.

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Love & Unity

No one is born racist. No one is born prejudice. I look at the kids in our preschool who are several different nationalities and I just smile. These children have no walls built up that keep them from playing with their friends. When I see them interact I feel a sense of love and innocence.

There was a rally in Charleston, South Carolina that was devastating. Lives we’re lost and hate was the image that this nation portrayed. Hate won that day. There was a sense of division in the air.

A few weeks later Hurricane Harvey slammed south Texas with strong winds and other severe weather. This was marked as one of the strongest hurricanes to ever make landfall in the gulf. Many people lost everything they had and some of the videos were very hard to watch. As days went on many Texans had no choice but to Unify. I started seeing videos of people helping each other, people of different races and social status. There was a sense of Love, selflessness and unity in the air.

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Bad Days – We All Have Them

It does not matter if you are a young child or an older adult, you’ve had a bad day before. Sometimes on these bad days we can become very discouraged and think we have been defeated. Days like these can be dangerous! Some people have a harder time with this than others.

I consider myself a happy human being who tries to have a positive outlook on life, and I live by fact that the joy I have comes from my relationship with Christ. God brought me out of some tough situations that I had to face in order to be where I am today. An example of how God worked in my life is bringing me out of depression. Yes Depression! I had dealt with depression heavily from 6th grade until 9th grade. I was not happy with who I was as a person and with many aspects of my life. I had other interests than the rest of my young peers which made me feel left out sometimes. My family continued loving and caring for me and that was something that I was able to overcome. I thank God for that every day! My outlet was music!

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McKinney at Cardinal

101 Cardinal Drive
Denton, TX 76209



Sunday Worship Schedule
8:30 - Worship (1st Service)
Attended Nursery (0-2yr). Children (3yr-4th grade) are dismissed during the sermon to attend children's church.
9:40 - Focused Fellowship
This is a time of fellowship and refreshments throughout the building. Children pickup before or after Kids Praise.
10:00 - Adult Bible Classes & Kids Discipleship
Adult Bible Classes - locations vary. High School & Middle School Discipleship Groups in the Youth area. Kids Praise for 3yr-4th grade. Nursery 0-2yr.
11:00 - Worship (2nd Service) & Kids Bible Class
Attended Nursery (0-2yr). Children (3yr - 8th grade) are dismissed during the sermon to attend Bible classes.

Wednesday Evening Schedule
5:30 - Fellowship Meal
Adults - $4 and Students/Children $3 (during the school year)
6:30 - Passion Worship
Praise and worship time in the Worship Center.
6:30 - Celebrate Recovery
Celebrate Recovery is a Christ-centered, 12-step recovery group that provides a safe place to address and deal with life's hurts, habits and hang-ups.
7:00 - Bible Classes & Small Groups
Classes for children and adults of all ages and other ministry groups meet at various locations throughout the building.

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