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2015 Theme

Revolution...Life In the Kingdom of God When Jesus came, His mission was nothing less than to change the world forever. He had a laser focus on one thing, "the kingdom of God." He came proclaiming it. He died for it. His Church preached it. He came to bring revolution. And that will be our theme for 2015.

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    2015 Theme

    Revolution...Life In the Kingdom of God When Jesus came, His mission was nothing less than to change the world forever. He had a laser focus on one thing, "the kingdom of God." He came proclaiming it. He died for it. His Church preached it. He came to bring revolution. And that will be our theme for 2015.

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    Current Sermon Series

    What is the Kingdom of Heaven Like?

    What is the Kingdom of Heaven Like? When we confess that Christ is the Son of God, we have said a mouthful. That confession carries with it all kinds of cosmic, eternal implications. However, when we confess that Jesus Christ is Lord, that confession carries implications for me in the here and now. It says that Jesus is now Lord, my Lord. It says that He is King and that His kingdom will conquer all the empires that people have built...or our little individual empires. It says that He rules and reigns in our lives. But, what is the kingdom of heaven like? Jesus answers this question in eight parables from Matthew's Gospel.

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    Revelation Wellness

    Thursday Nights 6:30pm SOCC GYM

    We are passionate about seeing the body of Christ living John 10:10 lives, “life to the full”,  in body, soul & Spirit. Our mission is to raise up healthy & whole followers of Christ, nationally and globally, in heart, mind soul and strength, so they may be fit for their own mission; to show the healing love of Christ to all people everywhere. We must be fit for mission!

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    Easter Egg Hunt

    Easter Egg Hunt Saturday, March 28 2-4pm Rosemont

    Easter Egg Hunt Saturday, March 28 2-4pm Rosemont

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    Celebrate Recovery

    Wednesday Nights 6:00pm


At the Tulsa workshop I heard Brandon Hatmaker tell a wonderful story about his adopted son from Ethiopia. He was a young gifted soccer player but had very little formal training. After scoring several goals in his first game, he was soon put in a Select League with older kids. He held his own but being younger struggled to get enough power in his kicks. Brandon asked the coach to show him a better technique, but to Brandon’s surprise the coach refused. What he did agree to do, however, was design a series of drills to help the son discover a better way on his own. The lights came on! He started kicking with more power. The personal experience paid off.

His point – experience impacts us more and changes us in ways that could not otherwise happen. Thus the importance of living out our faith and serving in the kingdom. It is a part of our spiritual formation into the likeness of Christ.

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All Things Work for Good

This Sunday will be one month from the latest perilous trial in my life. This last month has renewed my trust in God as protector and provider. It has also made me think more and ask all sorts of questions. Is it really possible that a few, tiny, seemingly insignificant moments could result in the saving of a life? Are all the seemingly random conversations and actions connected? Could it be that all the moments of our lives come together forming a tapestry and narrative so much more grand than their individual parts? I think so. Here’s the reason why.

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Virtue and Charm

Lately, I’ve been embracing my introverted nature. For so long I’ve tried to become an extrovert. Extroversion is celebrated in American culture while introversion is seen as weakness. “Quiet” by Susan Cain explores the power of introversion in a noisy world. This book has significant implications not only for the workplace, but perhaps more importantly, for the faith community.

Ms. Cain explores the value transformation of American culture from character to personality with the urbanization of America in the late 1800s through the 1920s. From inner virtue to outer charm, Americans began to buy into creating a personality that exhibits who they are instead of focusing on their inner life from which their character is formed. The ramifications of our cultural values transitioning from character to personality affect every nook and cranny of life in America…especially the life of the church.

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Pleasure or Meaning?

A few weeks ago I finished a fascinating book called “Man’s Search for Meaning” by Victor Frankl. I remember reading parts of it in college but I’m so glad that I picked it up again. I also just finished another book called “Scary Close” by Donald Miller. Miller’s book is about the importance of authenticity and vulnerability in our relationships. About half way through the book, Miller referenced Frankl. Coincidence maybe or maybe God is trying to get my attention. Either way, I found what Frankl had to say to be profound.

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The dictionary defines simple as something that does not have complications or difficulties. That word would never be used to explain my life. Between work, play, ministry, my wife and just one baby I cannot call my life simple. I have wants, desires and personal issues that further complicate my life. It has easily been more than 20 years since my life was simple and maybe yours too.

At 15 I started traveling to various places and after many years I realized that it was easier and faster to travel without lots of luggage. When I started living alone here in this country I realized that having many things was going to make my life much more complicated and difficult to move around. Reflecting on this time in my life makes one truth stand out…It was so much simpler when I had only one suitcase of clothes! In our lives we often carry lots of luggage that we don’t need. We carry baggage that is both emotional and material but Jesus invites us to lighten the load by living simple lives.

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