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    The Story

    Is there a God? And does He care about me? At the end of the day, these two questions are ultimate. Does God’s love intersect my life anywhere? Is there any way that His story intersects with my story? Or is my life a merely a brief interlude between two eternities? We can hide from these questions, but they won’t go away. Is there a God? Does He care? The good news is that there is, and He does! His story does intersect mine. That’s the gospel. That’s our story.

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    Mugs and Muffins returns this fall

    Mugs and Muffins returns this fall.

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    Rev Fit

    Tuesday and Thursdays 6:30pm-7:30pm

    Revelation Wellness is a ministry dedicated to educating and inspiring people to live healthy and whole lives through breaking the bonds of physical and spiritual poverty that lie within us all. We are passionate about seeing the body of Christ living John 10:10 lives, “life to the full”, in body, soul & Spirit. Our mission is to raise up healthy & whole followers of Christ, nationally and globally, in heart, mind soul and strength, so they may fit for their own mission; to show the healing love of Christ to all people everywhere. We must be fit for mission!

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    Celebrate Recovery

    Wednesday Nights 6:00pm

Stop Restricting, Start Honoring

1 Corinthians 6:20 says “For you have been bought with a price: therefore glorify God in your body.”

Diets, calorie counting, no wheat, no sugar, no fat, no meat, low carb, high protein, the restrictions go on and on. We are setting ourselves up for failure time and time again. By restricting our diets in such a manner, we deprive ourselves of the freedom God has given us. When we “cheat” or make a choice that is unhealthy, the message we send to ourselves is negative saying we deserve to be punished for “breaking the rules” which reinforces our negative self-image. Our self-image is attacked hundreds, if not thousands, of times a day by a world that is in the business to make money off of our low self-esteem. We are told we need to weigh less, the newest diet pill, the newest supplement the newest exercise format and whatever you do, you have to try the newest diet.

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No Common Man

The world is always talking about statistics, numbers of men and women who have done things that no other human being has done. People talk about records, I hear things like the 50 greatest athletes in history, baseball, football, what many have heard and call soccer, tennis, hockey, basketball, surfing, and these people have come to be called idols out of this world. Other writers, warriors, actors and actresses, singers, presidents, etc.

Well let me tell you about my Jesus, there is no one like him! Here are his numbers:

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The Woman at the Well

In our study of “The Story”, Chapter 23 reveals the beginning of Christ’s ministry. Considered a young man at the age of 30, Jesus takes on the difficult role of explaining why he came to earth.

Can we practice his method of teaching today? Do we recognize the people in our society who need the gospel of Christ or who need to respond to the gospel story may not be like us? They might be unwed mothers, they might be ex-criminals, they most likely are poor, and they probably don’t fit in to our circle of friends and families.

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A Midyear Message

Normally our blogs this year have been about The Story. This week I want to break with that practice and share in print, my “Midyear State of the Union” message from the service a couple of weeks ago.

The last several years at Singing Oaks have been a time of expansion. Among other things, we have opened up additional mission points. We have bought 66 acres of land. And we have added a local minister for Hispanic outreach. The leadership has been emboldened to do these things, knowing that we can depend on the generosity and devotion of our people. Thus, every year, even through recession, our giving has increased to meet the need and the opportunity.

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Everyone finds their security in something. Whether it’s our job, a relationship, our image, or wealth, we all have that one thing that we can find comfort in. Then when our significance as a person is threatened, we tighten our hold onto this thing we have found security in. In my first few years in high school, I found my security in attaining popularity among my peers. I would strive every day, no matter the cost, to have everyone around me to like me. I didn’t care how I had to act; I would make a complete fool of myself if it resulted in the approval of just one person.

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