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    2019 Theme

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    Finding God

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    Buscando a Dios

    Domingo en la mañana: Buscando a Dios

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    New Summer Sunday Schedule

    New Summer Sunday Schedule

    Years ago when we outgrew our auditorium’s capacity we added the 2nd service, effectively doubling our Sunday morning service seating capacity. Now we are excited to report that our Children’s Ministry has outgrown some of its classroom space. Having 2 Bible class times concurrent with our Sermon times will help us disciple our growing number of students. Join us as we double our Children’s education and discipleship space and create more opportunities to serve. As a member of our church, we hope you will attend 1 service weekly and Serve during 1 service 12 times a year.

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    Celebrate Recovery

    Wednesday Nights 6:30pm/Room 135

Watch and Wait, Sunday is Coming

The road to Resurrection Sunday is paved with good intentions. Many have spent 40 days attempting to emulate Jesus’ 40 days in the wilderness by giving up chocolate, bread, and coffee. Some have given more time to scripture, prayer, and community to find meaning in this life. Others ignored the road all together until Notre Dame began burning this Holy Week. Suddenly, everyone around the globe is focused on the gold cross remaining within the burnt shell of this great cathedral, and Christians, in name and in faith, remember to find a place on the road to Resurrection Sunday.

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Lord, Fill My Home with the Holy Spirit

A few months ago I was having coffee with a couple of minister friends. We were discussing the Holy Spirit, sharing amazing God stories, and dreaming of revival on our campuses and in this city. It was really encouraging stuff! But, late in the conversation I kind of sat back, detached, and got really quiet. I was having a God story of my own in that moment. It was a realization God was putting on my heart. God spoke to my heart saying,

“I need the Holy Spirit in my marriage.”

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As a Christian, it is important to grow, to evolve, and to be different versions of yourself, all in an effort to please God. I think that as Christians we find ourselves trapped into thinking that we have arrived as far as faith goes. We sometimes hit a wall and think our work is finished in the kingdom, but our work is never done because the world always needs a savior and the body of Christ always needs vessels to be amongst people of the world. What am I getting at here? Well, sometimes we can get so caught in one identity our entire Christian walk and never leave room for God to change us completely, and for him to give us new experiences.

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First Things First!

When we are all born we have one major role in life to play. We are a designed from before birth to be needy, dependent, self-centered, ungrateful, chaos-causing, demanding sons and daughters. Our role and function is to take whatever peace and harmony that our parent(s) had developed and bring them huge amounts of stress, sleep depravity, and in many cases financial pain. It is really a simple role to carry out and we come equipped with the ability, drive, and demanding spirit to make it happen. Then we start growing up.

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When speaking of injustice, we tend to feel uncomfortable, we feel powerless, with our hands tied to such situations. One afternoon we watched a movie with Emma called “Joseph, the king of dreams”, this is a film based on the biblical story of Joseph, the son of Jacob. He was being sold by his brothers and taken to Egypt to a life of slavery just because they were jealous of him. Now that’s an injustice!

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Directions & Worship Schedule
McKinney at Cardinal
101 Cardinal Drive
Denton, TX 76209
map Sunday Morning
8:30 - Worship
9:45 - Classes
11:00 - Worship

Wednesday Evening
5:30 - Dinner
6:30 - Passion Worship
7:00 - Classes/Small Groups
6:30 - Celebrate Recovery

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