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    The Story

    Is there a God? And does He care about me? At the end of the day, these two questions are ultimate. Does God’s love intersect my life anywhere? Is there any way that His story intersects with my story? Or is my life a merely a brief interlude between two eternities? We can hide from these questions, but they won’t go away. Is there a God? Does He care? The good news is that there is, and He does! His story does intersect mine. That’s the gospel. That’s our story.

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    Community Garden Build

    Community Garden Build

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    Community Festival

    May 4, 4-7pm

    Community Festival

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    Celebrate Recovery

    Wednesday Nights 6:00pm

David, The Original Super Hero

It all starts well. That statement seems like the theme of our lives, doesn’t it? Whether it’s New Year’s resolutions, new jobs, new church, or new marriage it usually starts well and is well-intentioned. But this week’s chapter of the story causes me to reflect on the follow through.

David was arguably Israel’s greatest human king and his kingship started with a loud bang as God took out Goliath with David’s sling. David takes it up a few more notches by giving an unyielding amount of grace to his predecessor Saul because David had faith in God’s process. But David had a weakness. Sounds like a story you have read before, right?

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God Provides

Have you ever been in a situation not knowing what to do? I have, and I meet people all the time who don’t know how to get out of some sort of mess, danger or other difficult situation. As I am reading The Story and experience life I learn that I must trust God to provide in all situations.

One of my favorite stories is in our reading this week. David the shepherd boy was simply taking food to his brothers when he heard and saw the Philistine giant defying Israel. At first, I doubt if David knew exactly how he was going to defeat Goliath, but he did know that God would rescue him. David simply trusted God to show him the way and fight the battle. In the end God provided the exact resources (stones) at the right time to slay the giant. This is only one of many difficult situations in David’s life when he relied on God to provide.

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Standing Tall, Falling Hard: Blessing and Curse of Free Will

As Christian Americans, we have a difficult time understanding free will as a gift. In our free-trade society, free will is a right. Chapter 10 of The Story demonstrates the blessing and curse of free will. Free will is the ability given by God to make our own choices, good and bad. God gives us this ability, and then we either live into our faith or we live without our faith.

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How to Become a Sell Out

In this posting you will find three simple and easy rules to become a most loathsome and/or blessed person in the world, a “sellout.” This blog post is about leaving it all behind in pursuit of something better. If you are thinking of becoming a sellout, you should read this blog posting very carefully to attain this most noble of statuses. I think that I should add a word of warning that you may want to read and contemplate this in a private area as your decision is sure to make you the butt of many jokes and a sure target of derisory remarks and judgment. And hopefully after many moments of contemplation and practicing the instructions of this micro-manifesto you too will be a proud sell out like so many people of faith before you. So let’s start with a definition and a most helpful quote:

Sell-out/noun – Anyone who sacrifices their present and/or past state in an effort to gain a preferred status in life; someone who forgets their roots.

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Cycle of Insanity

We all know the definition of insanity: Doing the same thing over and over again and expecting different results. We KNOW it in our heads but do our lives reflect this knowledge or something else?

In the book of Judges (and really all throughout the Old Testament) the Israelites are constantly doing the same thing over and over, yet they are constantly surprised when things don’t go their way. They sin and turn to other gods and as a result they are oppressed by other nations, they cry out to God and repent, God comes through again and rescues them. Then it all starts over. Wash. Rinse. Repeat.

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