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2015 Theme

Revolution...Life In the Kingdom of God When Jesus came, His mission was nothing less than to change the world forever. He had a laser focus on one thing, "the kingdom of God." He came proclaiming it. He died for it. His Church preached it. He came to bring revolution. And that will be our theme for 2015.

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    2015 Theme

    Revolution...Life In the Kingdom of God When Jesus came, His mission was nothing less than to change the world forever. He had a laser focus on one thing, "the kingdom of God." He came proclaiming it. He died for it. His Church preached it. He came to bring revolution. And that will be our theme for 2015.

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    Current Sermon Series

    The Fruit of the Spirit

    The Fruit of the Spirit To say that we are in the Kingdom of God is to say that God reigns in our lives. In Galatians 5:16-21, Paul contrasts two ways of life: those who “gratify the flesh” and those who “walk by the Spirit.” The former, he says, “Will not inherit the Kingdom of God,” while the latter will exhibit in their lives the “fruit of the Spirit.” In this series see how we can “keep in step with the Spirit” and bear good fruit.

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    Revelation Wellness

    Tuesday and Thursday Nights 6:30pm SOCC GYM

    We are passionate about seeing the body of Christ living John 10:10 lives, “life to the full”,  in body, soul & Spirit. Our mission is to raise up healthy & whole followers of Christ, nationally and globally, in heart, mind soul and strength, so they may be fit for their own mission; to show the healing love of Christ to all people everywhere. We must be fit for mission!

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    Walk 4 Water

    May 3, 2015

    Walk 4 Water

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    Celebrate Recovery

    Wednesday Nights 6:00pm

VBS Logo

VBS 2015 - LOVE>fear

Vacation Bible School for students K-4th grade is July 13-15, 9am-12pm. 5th and 6th graders will serve as group leaders this year. Student registration at the following link:

Student Registration

Face to Face

Lord willing I will be in Tanzania by the time this goes up for reading. I return at least once a year and sometimes twice. Every trip is different depending on the situation, location and people traveling with me. This year’s trip is shaping up to be a little different. I’m excited about the possibilities.

I arrive in Dar Es Salaam around 10pm and will exit the airport around 11pm hoping to see someone holding up a sign with my name on it (usually misspelled). He takes me to a Christian guest house where I have stayed many times. I will probably be tired enough to sleep though my body clock will be thoroughly messed up by then. The next morning the driver will take me back to the airport to fly up to Mwanza on an airline called Fast Jet – and they really are fast! They are fairly new in Tanzania and cheap. They started with one jet but they might have two or maybe three now.

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Show Up

Decorating my office wall are pictures… mostly pictures of children, drawings, and uplifting quotes. My absolute favorite decoration on my wall is a plaque. Some of the words engraved on the plaque are Laurie Templeton, Children’s Minister of the Year, Impact Houston Church of Christ.

Now, before you think I’m bragging on myself, let me assure you this plaque was and still is a prank. During my 3rd year at Impact Houston, my co-worker Dennis Jaeger, arranged for the local skating rink in 3rd Ward to give me this plaque engraved, “In Appreciation of devoted and invaluable service to the youth program Gospel Skating, Keeping Kids off the Street.” Out of all the inner city churches in Houston, we brought the most children to skate during Spring Break, so, of course, I was the Children’s Minister of the Year.

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Growing Up…Hungry

Jerry Seinfeld has the most amazing stand up comedy routine about growing up. For kids everything is about “up”! Wherever their children you can be sure to hear these phases: “Wait up”, “hold up”, and when answering parents about going to school, “I’m up, I’m up!” But for parents and guardians everything is about “down”! In any place where parents and children are together you will certainly hear these phrases: “Slow down!”, “Sit down”, “calm down”, and for the manic kid in the bunch a very firm, “settle down!”

Growing up is hard! From the time that I was a child I sang an oft gleeful but at times mournful refrain, “I can’t wait till I grow up.” Oh, you know this song too! When a person is young it seems that all they can think of is the day when they will become a grown up and free from all rules and entanglements. Honestly, who wants a bowl of fruit when there’s a bowl filled with candy?

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I was in Walmart a few days ago waiting in line. Which is what you do at Walmart. You wait. In line. A lot. It’s a rare thing to find a completely open lane. So there I was waiting. Again. The lady in front of me had quite a few items. Her cart wasn’t completely full but it was close. There were only two other lanes open and they were full as well so I stayed put. And the cashier took her sweet time scanning each item. Holding it up, examining it like she had never seen it before.

The last item was finally dropped in the bag and the woman reached for her purse to pay but then she froze. I could see the wheels turning. As she rummaged through her purse she let out a heavy sigh. She dug some more. A bigger sigh. She told the cashier that, sure enough, she had left her credit card in the car. She let out a third sigh then turned to me and said, “I’m so sorry, I know this is taking forever, but I will be right back.”

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Come with me and rest

I recently had the opportunity to participate in a retreat for the wives of ministers and missionaries. I never before had an experience like this and I have to say it really changed the way I experience God in my life. I was initially hesitant about being separated from my husband and my son, especially so because my husband would be left to care for my son who had recently become ill. Even on the day of my departure to the Dominican Republic, I was ready to cancel the trip. But I knew that I had to go and I am blessed because I did.

The purpose of the retreat was to find rest in God’s presence. “Come with me and rest” was the theme of this retreat from Mark 6:31 (NIV). The retreat began with an activity called “My story”. It was an activity calling us to self-reflection. Our lives are a story that is still being written. Often our lives are so busy that we do not stop to think how our lives are impacting the lives of others. After this time of reflection, we began to focus on identifying the things that separate us from God. Those obstacles, both big and small, get in the way of a more intimate relationship with our Father. All these exercises and other conversations were very inspiring. They created a great time of silence and solitude.

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