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2015 Theme

Revolution...Life In the Kingdom of God When Jesus came, His mission was nothing less than to change the world forever. He had a laser focus on one thing, "the kingdom of God." He came proclaiming it. He died for it. His Church preached it. He came to bring revolution. And that will be our theme for 2015.

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    2015 Theme

    Revolution...Life In the Kingdom of God When Jesus came, His mission was nothing less than to change the world forever. He had a laser focus on one thing, "the kingdom of God." He came proclaiming it. He died for it. His Church preached it. He came to bring revolution. And that will be our theme for 2015.

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    Current Sermon Series

    Building A Life

    Building A Life This world and everything in it is passing away. Only God's kingdom lasts forever. How do you orient your life so that you are building for eternity? How do you avoid distraction? What sort of legacy should you hope to leave when you depart this world? These questions and others like them will be addressed in this series.

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    Revelation Wellness VBS LOVE>fear

    MTWT July 13-16 9am-12pm

    – Love>fear VBS is a four-day bible school curriculum based on the greatest commandment found in Luke 10:27; He answered, “‘Love the Lord your God with all your heart and with all your soul and with all your strength and with all your mind’; and, ‘Love your neighbor as yourself.'" The curriculum includes Old Testament LOVE>fear stories, LOVE>fear games that will encourage kids to get comfortable being uncomfortable, healthy snacks, hands-on science experiments, creative crafts, health tips for each day, and a Revelation Fitness workout specially designed for kids to worship God, get a little sweaty, and have fun moving their bodies!

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    Pie Auction-Youth Fundraiser

    Wednesday, July 1 6-8pm

    Pie Auction-Youth Fundraiser Join us, Wednesday, July 1 6-8pm SOCC Gym Bring a favorite dessert (pie, cake, cobbler, brownies etc) to auction off. Pizza and drinks will be provided. Also a chance to throw a pie in the face of a minister will be available... at a price! Sign up today on the City!

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    Celebrate Recovery

    Wednesday Nights 6:00pm

VBS Logo

VBS 2015 - LOVE>fear

Vacation Bible School for students entering K-4th grade is July 13-15, 9am-12pm. 5th and 6th graders will serve as group leaders this year. Student registration at the following link:

Student Registration

Out of My Comfort Zone

I’m sure many of you are familiar with the story of Paul and Silas in jail in Philippi. You know, the one where they’ve been “severely beaten,” thrown in jail with their feet clamped in stocks but yet they “were praying and singing hymns to God.” If you’re not familiar with it, you can find it in Acts 16, and, oh yeah, my teenage son could probably tell you all about it without even cracking open his Bible. He has heard it before. As a matter of fact, he has heard it many more times than he would have cared to hear it. Apparently, it’s one of my top five “go to” soapbox speeches. I used it when we told him he was going on the Higher Ground trip (Reader, please note the use of the word “told” in place of “asked”).

It’s part of my job as a parent to push my child outside of his comfort zone, do things that he can learn from, and have mountain top experiences (literally). I’m here to break that sense of entitlement that our culture tells us we are, well, entitled to. Walking with the Lord is counter-cultural. It’s about being a servant, not being served. Hey, I’m an adult; I know all about this, I’ve passed this test already.

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The Human Side of Jesus

When we get baptized we are always asked the same question, “Do you believe that Jesus Christ is your lord?” It’s a good question to ask seeing as how we are called “Christians” and the entire basis of our beliefs are based on the fact that Jesus is the word and the word was with God and the word was god. However, we sometimes forget about the human side of Jesus.

This isn’t always easy though. Think about it. What do we really mean when we say “he is only human”? We are saying that we, as humans, are imperfect. We make mistakes, we aren’t perfect, and Jesus is perfect, right? Jesus didn’t make mistakes, he didn’t have a plan that didn’t happen the way he wanted, and he didn’t learn anything because he knew everything, but that would mean that he isn’t human. When God sent his son the people were awaiting a non-human king, but he sent a baby in the most human form that he possibly could have. The people wanted to have God lead them into victory and place the Jews above all other people, but God wanted to provide more than just a sacrifice. He wanted us to have an example. God came to the earth to not only tell us how to live, but also to show us.

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It’s A Couple’s World!

In Genesis 2:18 the Lord said, “It is not good for man to live alone. I will make a helper suitable for him.” This principle began with creation. God knew that his creation, if left to himself would be incomplete.

There are many of us who have lost our companions by death or divorce. Obviously death had no recourse and divorce is generally impossible to undo.

When we observe our daily walk, you see the interaction of men and women in various activities. I was eating alone at the Cracker Barrel yesterday and couldn’t help but notice the number of retired couples enjoying their meal together. Many were talking privately and some were talking with other couples. Their enjoyment was quite obvious and readily noticeable to us who are alone. I enjoyed observing these exchanges yet it made me sad to be unable to participate.

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Most people like fruit. Well, most people like to eat fruit, but not necessarily cultivate fruit. Both literally and metaphorically people tend to responded with joy when good fruit is produced and with even more joy when they were the ones that produced the good fruit to the pleasure of others.

I grow figs. Figs are not a very popular fruit to grow in the U.S. as they are delicate, not easily stored, and the poison center says that the milky sap from fig trees can be noxious causing symptoms that include rashes, redness, blistering and swelling. However, figs can be used to sweeten just about any dish and are a truly awesome fruit/vegetable to eat possessing great nutritional qualities helping our bodies defend against weigh gain, cancer, muscular dystrophy. They are just difficult to cultivate.

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Face to Face

Lord willing I will be in Tanzania by the time this goes up for reading. I return at least once a year and sometimes twice. Every trip is different depending on the situation, location and people traveling with me. This year’s trip is shaping up to be a little different. I’m excited about the possibilities.

I arrive in Dar Es Salaam around 10pm and will exit the airport around 11pm hoping to see someone holding up a sign with my name on it (usually misspelled). He takes me to a Christian guest house where I have stayed many times. I will probably be tired enough to sleep though my body clock will be thoroughly messed up by then. The next morning the driver will take me back to the airport to fly up to Mwanza on an airline called Fast Jet – and they really are fast! They are fairly new in Tanzania and cheap. They started with one jet but they might have two or maybe three now.

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