As a Christian, it is important to grow, to evolve, and to be different versions of yourself, all in an effort to please God. I think that as Christians we find ourselves trapped into thinking that we have arrived as far as faith goes. We sometimes hit a wall and think our work is finished in the kingdom, but our work is never done because the world always needs a savior and the body of Christ always needs vessels to be amongst people of the world. What am I getting at here? Well, sometimes we can get so caught in one identity our entire Christian walk and never leave room for God to change us completely, and for him to give us new experiences.

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Twelve Hundred Hearts, Twelve Hundred Voices Strong!

During the Martin Luther King Jr. weekend I had the opportunity to help in leading worship at an event in Panama City, Florida called “Gulf Coast Getaway”. This is a conference that it focused on the spiritual lives of College students from all across the United States. When the opportunity came to help in leading worship there I immediately agreed to going. I felt that God had this set aside as one of my many missions in ministry.

The conference took place at the Edgewater Beach Resort and it started on Friday and ended on Sunday night with a total of 5 Sessions. The Speaker was Don McLaughlin who is a dynamic Preacher and Senior Minister at North Atlanta Church of Christ. This particular weekend was the most powerful/intentional weekend that I’d experienced in a long time. There was a sweet spirit of oneness in the room every time we came together.

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During this Holiday season people all around the U.S. just seem to be a little nicer, a little more generous and a little more Joyful. ‘Tis the Season to be Jolly Fa la la la and all that Jazz. This holiday season, especially Christmas, emphasizes Peace, Love and Happiness!!

The Holiday season is one my favorite times of the year! I love seeing Christmas lights and the smell of Christmas trees. I also love the act of giving to one another while remembering the ultimate gift to the world which is the birth of Jesus, and that we have the opportunity to go back in time and experience the story of him being born and all the great things he’d do, based on our interpretation when we reading the Bible.

But I want to focus on the word Peace.

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Songfest was truly a blessing and it sure was inspiring. Usually when you think of a Fest short for (festival), there is an emphasis on a particular topic, but each representative gives the topic their own unique twist. Though many of them have their own thing going, they are all still there for the same purpose. So my thinking when it comes to SONGFEST at Singing Oaks Church of Christ was just that! A celebration with songs that glorify and praise God. Different styles, cultures and sounds coming together just to share the goodness of God in their lives with people they’ve probably never met. The weekend was also an example of God moving in our church, past the point of just doing church and making sure we get through a checklist, but relying on the Holy Spirit to make these songs that we’ve always sung completely brand new! The Spirit can blow your mind if you let it. You see, we serve a God that can do the impossible and give us a feeling that is powerful like no other.

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Every morning I wake up, say a prayer of thanksgiving, a prayer protection throughout the day and lastly a prayer of intentionality in the kingdom. I also talk to myself and lately my emphasis have been on being who God wants me to be Passionately. Anything that I do has to be done with Passion! No questions asked. Anything that I say has to come from a place of enthusiasm, excitement etc.

My Christian life and relationship with Christ have always given me hope. I grew up in the church, went to church every Sunday and most days of the week. My family’s foundation was built on faith. Because of this I always assumed that I had a relationship with God. Because my mother was someone who studied the word and prayed a lot, this automatically made me right with God? No that’s absolutely wrong.

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McKinney at Cardinal

101 Cardinal Drive
Denton, TX 76209



Worship Schedule
Sunday Morning
9:00 - Worship
9:35 - Children's Church
10:45 - Worship
11:20 - Children's Classes
Wednesday Evening
5:30 - Dinner (during school)
6:30 - Passion Worship
6:30 - Celebrate Recovery
7:00 - Classes/Small Groups

Children are dismissed during the sermon to attend children's church or classes. Sunday morning adult class times vary.

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