Inspiring Quotes on Leadership

A few years ago I attended a ministers’ conference with Craig Groeschel who started Life Church (LifeChurch.TV). Craig gave an inspiring message about the lessons in leadership he had learned along the way. I believe he had a list of about 10, but 3 were so good that I committed them to memory. I’d like to share those with you and give a little application for each.

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The Little Drummer Boy

According to my wife, it’s a guy thing. I’ll be standing in front of the pantry asking her “are we out of Nutella already?” She’ll reply, “No, it’s right there in the pantry, middle shelf”. “No it’s not” I reply. She then makes her frustrated way to the pantry, grabs the jar of Nutella that was literally right in front of me and places it firmly in my hand as her eyes roll. It was right there in front of me, but somehow I didn’t see it. Sound familiar to you?

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Cookies & Peanut Butter

More and more I am finding myself in discussions and arguments about worship. Here’s something that I have found odd in my life as a Christian. No matter how on-fire for Jesus and spiritually filled some Christians are, and no matter how lukewarm or worldly other Christians are, both will get extremely fired up, opinionated and outspoken about worship styles and what takes place in a Sunday morning assembly. What these differences often boil down to is either reluctance toward change, or a desire for change.

Here’s one of my favorite new quotes:

“Change is like peanut butter. Some of us love it, crave it, and thrive on it. While others among us go into anaphylactic shock and stop breathing.”

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Joy Rides, Bad Burgers, and Jesus

Did you hear about the 8 year old boy who stole the family car and drove to McDonalds? Sounds like the opening line of a joke, but it was actually in the news recently!

Here’s the report from

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“On The Shores of Babylon” A Message From My Favorite Band

I have a favorite band. That has always been difficult for me to say. I have always loved such a wide variety of music that I could never pick a favorite. Now I can say this with confidence, Switchfoot is my favorite band. Switchfoot is an alternative Christian rock band from San Diego.

“Christian by faith, not by genre” has been their motto. What I love about these guys is that they couple solid, deep, and positive lyrics, with top notch alternative rock/folk/metal sound. Their music is played on both mainstream rock stations and Christian radio stations as well. At first, they would not play at Christian conferences or churches, because they wanted to take their message to the world.

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