Congregational Prayer Night – November 2nd

We have a lot going on right now as a church. We have a new minister. … Brandon Bell, our missionary to college students and young adults. We are in the process of discerning who should be our next Worship Minister. In a few weeks we will be ordaining new elders, and reaffirming current elders. Even the face of the building has changed with our new paint job! And along with all these changes we in leadership are wrestling with the question of how we can better reach and hold this generation and coming generations. We are at a crucial point in the life of our church. We are asking, “Who are we?” and, “Who do we want to be?”

And that’s just what we are experiencing as a church. Individually we are dealing with all manner of personal issues, challenges and worries. As a preacher I’m wrestling with all this and with the deeper question. “What does God want?” I’m praying for discernment of what He wants to say, and how He wants it said. I am absolutely convicted that I cannot do what needs to be done by my own power. I am seeking His will at every single turn right now. I do not believe that merely human answers will get us where we need to get.

On the first Wednesday of November I am personally asking you all to come to the meal to eat together. Afterwards we will gather to pray with and for each other and for the Holy Spirit’s guidance for our church.

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