And…He Walks with Me

Last Sunday, in The Grove (5th & 6th Grades), our class studied the story of Adam and Eve’s conversation and temptation with the serpent. I asked the class this question, “What do you think Adam and Eve were thinking?” One of our maturing 5th grade theologians returned my question with his own question, “Miss Laurie, why didn’t Adam and Eve ask God to help them? He was with them in the garden. Why didn’t they talk to God?”

To be perfectly honest, I had never thought about Adam and Eve asking God to help them deal with the serpent. Adam and Eve are with our Creator in the garden. They know God, yet they don’t consult God about a life-changing choice. How many times have I acted without consulting my Creator? Our Creator longs for relationship with us, yet we intentionally make our own decisions based on our selfish desires. Adam and Eve desired to be like God. We desire the same.

The big lie our consumeristic society preaches is “Be true to yourself.” Our Creator simply asks for obedience. Adam and Eve heard this lie from the serpent, and they disobeyed. You and I hear this lie from each other, from the media, from every F-150 and Cover G commercial. When we submit to the lie instead of submitting to God, the peace that passes all understanding is shattered. Dear family, a 5th grade theologian’s question has reframed my theology of the garden. God still walks with us. We make a choice every day to walk with God or step from the path. Step by step God is calling us to relationship and obedience. Walk with God, talk with God, live with God.

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